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One Click SEO Checker Chrome Extension

Posted On : November 24th, 2020   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Chrome Extensions

Today, we are delighted to announce the release of our 2nd chrome extension One Click SEO Checker. Our 1st chrome extension was Google’s Patents Search which was released last month.

We have developed this extension to help webmasters as well as SEO professionals to grab all important SEO Scores like page speed, Moz scores etc with just one click.

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Why One Click SEO Checker?

SEO is a field where change is the only constant. Relentless analysis, competitor watch & day-to-day volatility in ranking keep every SEO on toes all the time.

We need to keep an eye on different SEO metrics or scores like page speed score, technical on-site issues or 3rd party data like Moz score or trust flow from Majestic so as to keep ahead of competition. To check these score, one has to jump from one tool/site to other to check individual score.

Even if we hate this, we have to enter the domain again & again to see the score. And what if you are assigned to analyze multiple sites in a short notice? I know the feeling, cause I’ve been through the same for many years.

Now suppose, what if you avail all these scores/metrics with one click!

That is what we’re offering with this new Chrome extension One Click SEO Checker.

No need to enter the domain. Whatever website, you’re visiting, just right click one the page you’re on, and you get all the data.

One Click SEO Checker Context Menu

How to use this Extension?

  1. Add this extension to your Chrome Browser.
  2. Open the website for which you want to check SEO score.
  3. Right click anywhere on that page and on the context menu click on “One Click SEO Checker”.
  4. Once clicked, it will open different tabs in your web browser and each tab will show specific SEO metrics.

SEO Metrics That You Can Access

One Click SEO Checker SEO Metrics

With One Click SEO Checker, You can check website’s SEO metric data from:

  1. Moz
  2. Google Page Speed Insights
  3. Google Mobile-friendly Test
  4. Google Rich Results Test
  5. Google Indexed Pages
  6. Link Metrics Data From Majestic
  7. On-site Metrics Data From SEOptimer

For now, we have added these top sites and in our upcoming versions of this extension, we will make sure to update this list for better user experience.

So, if you like this extension or have any other thoughts about this, then please do encourage us by penning your valuable thoughts here.

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