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Do SEOs Need To Know HTML

Do SEOs Need To Know HTML?

In these technologically advanced times where building a website is just a few clicks away and making changes to them or adding meta tags & canonical tags etc. are super easy with options like CMS, is it really necessary for SEOs to know HTML?
Website Page Speed

Top 6 Website Speed Test Tools to Boost Your Business

Everybody hates a site that take much time to load & so is Google & other search engines. Since last few years, mobile searches have been increased exponentially. The worst experience a user face while accessing web in mobile is the loading speed
Impact of Negative SEO

Negative SEO with Spam Backlinks & How to Fight Them

There was an interesting discussion & arguments going on in Twitter recently over the requirement of disavow tool in handling spam links attack as a part of negative SEO. We can divide the context of the discussion in three main parts Can Negat
White PNG Logo

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Use a White PNG Logo

Before making a website, we think about many things and one of the major concerns is “Brand Logo”. Brand logo represents the core value, purpose of our business and we tend to think a lot about its design, colors etc. But have you ever thought ab
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Google Volatility Report