Top 5 Things To Consider For A Website

Beginners Tips By Google On Top 5 Things To Consider For A Website

Posted On : January 28th, 2020   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : SEO Tips

Google has released a latest episode of “Search for Begineers”. In this episode, Google has listed top 5 things that webmasters should consider for their websites.

Let’s go through them.

Google On Top 5 Things To Consider For A Website

1. Does Google know about your website

Webmasters can check whether their website is known to Google search or not by performing a site colon search (site:) for their domain. For more information on site colon operator check out this video.

For webmasters having a brand new site that Google hasn’t yet discovered, they can go to Google Search Console to verify their ownership and submit their website sitemap. After this, Google will crawl the website and index its pages.

2. Provide high quality content

Google has advised webmasters to follow Google’s Official Webmaster guidelines for website policies and best practices as following that advice will help Google to determine the relevancy of pages.

3. Make sure your content is fast and easy to access on all devices

Now, most Google searches occur on Mobile. So, Google has encouraged webmasters to make sure that their content is optimized and loads quickly on all devices. Also, webmasters can visit to test whether their pages are mobile friendly or not.

4. Provide users a safe online experience

Google has recommended webmasters to secure their websites with https connection. This connection helps to keep browsing safe by securely connecting your browser or app to the websites you visit. Https connection also helps to prevent hackers from peeping into information that is being sent.

5. Hiring a search engine optimizer or SEO

Finally, Google said it!

Google has suggested webmasters to think of a search engine optimizer or SEO as an option to work on their behalf. Google has also stated that SEOs are professionals and can help to improve the visibility and ranking of your website.

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