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Spammy Structured Markup Google Penalty
Google Penalty

Spammy Structured Markup Google Penalty & Recovery Case Study

Since a couple of years, structured data markup has become the top priority for website owners. This is a perfect way to let the search engines know what exactly the meaning of the information you are placing in the markup. And they love to display t
Website Duration Performance Score
Google Patents

How Google May Rank Based On Website Duration Performance Score

It’s again Navneet Panda, the key person behind Google Panda Algorithm! Panda algorithm is completely related to on-site issues & most specifically quality of content. But this time, it is website duration performance based on category durations
How Google Detects New Local Businesses
Google Patents

How Google Detects New Local Businesses

Different studies on local search have indicated that local searches have higher probability to convert into an action like purchase or availing services etc. So, when it comes to local search, one thing is clear; users are more serious and they need
Google Search Tips, Google SERP Changes

Weird Knowledge Graph & Answer Box Results for Sundar Pichai & Amit Singhal

Knowledge Graph Panel in Google’s search results is very common now for any query related to well-known entities like brands or person etc. Still a lot of debates around the source of the information displayed in this section is going on. One th
Google Update

Google Showing Hidden Content In Answer Box

Few months back there was some hype that Google was not indexing & hence would not rank content hidden behind tabs & “click to expand” menus. The same was confirmed by Google Engineer John Muller during a Google webmaster central office-hours
Google Algorithm, Google PANDA

Panda 4.2 Released: History, FAQs & Thoughts

Barry Schwartz has confirmed that Panda 4.2 started rolling out since last weekend (july 18th, 2015) in his post after almost 10 months of wait. Information about Panda 4.2 so far: Confirmed by Google Started last weekend Rolling out sl
Google Patents

Navneet Panda On Google’s Dynamic Search Results

Navneet Panda, the Google Engineer, is behind Google Panda algorithm that aims at refining search results by removing low quality & thin contents. Recently he was behind another patent filed by Google named “Dynamic Search Results” which
Google Algorithm

Lets Search Google Algorithm

I GOT THE GOOGLE ALGORITHM….. Really…. Oh.. that is my dream! In fact, this is the dream of every SEO companies all over the world. It is like the holy grail of SEO industry. But the truth is; even we are not close enough to pin out th
Google Patents

How Google Scores Authors Of Social Network Content

According to Search Metrics ranking factors, weightage of social signal is increasing every year. After the evolvement of Google+ in 28th June 2011 & the recent deal between Google & Twitter which would allow Google to access Twitter’s Firehose
Google Update

Major Google Update On 03rd May 2015: What Exactly Happened

SEO industry has seen huge fluctuations in Google SERP on 03rd May 2015; many webmasters informed about it on WebmasterWorld.The interesting thing is that the fluctuations can only be seen on Mozcast & SERPmetrics whereas other Google algorithm
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report