Weird Knowledge Graph & Answer Box Results for Sundar Pichai & Amit Singhal

Posted On : September 1st, 2015   By : Dillip Kumar Mohanty   To : Google Search Tips, Google SERP Changes

Knowledge Graph Panel in Google’s search results is very common now for any query related to well-known entities like brands or person etc.

Still a lot of debates around the source of the information displayed in this section is going on. One thing for sure; Google is drawing social profile data from your official website.

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Error in Knowledge Graph

Recently Sundar Pichai has been declared as the new CEO of Google. After that announcement, I’ve searched for him & found only Twitter & Google+ profile links in the Knowledge Graph Panel. There was no Facebook profile there. But when I rechecked it today, I found that his Facebook link was there. The screenshot is here.

Sundar Pichai

Well, that is really a strange thing for any Google personnel! One from Google and having a Facebook account is like watching dinosaurs for real. May be Google employees have Facebook profiles but I have never found any FB accounts for top profiles in Google so far.

But the strangest thing is that this FB link goes to a Thai page I tried to find out if any way Sundar Pichai was related to it but couldn’t find anything. May be he would know the best.

Checked his Wikipedia page, but nothing was there. So, God knows from where Google is drawing this data. Mr Pichai has any official page? I don’t know. As per Google, they are drawing social data from official website.

Weird Answer Box Result Again!

A lot of discussions around weird answer box results have been in news since the appearance of answer boxes in Google search results. But today I got another one and that too related to Google.

We know that Google confers Google Fellow to employees having consistent outstanding achievements. So far, we know about three persons; Amit Singhal, Urs Holzle & Sebastian Thrun awarded with Google Fellow. But if you seach for “google fellow”, Google prompts an answer box displaying about only Amit Singhal with a bold big text “Singhal” and linking back to his Wikipedia page.

Google Fellow

It appears that Google is considering this term synonym to Amit Singhal.

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

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