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Google Redesigned Google+

Posted On : November 27th, 2015   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Google

Four years ago, Google launched its ambitious social network site Google+ for the crazy supernerds to make their online life livelier than ever, where users can feel the same what they feel in real life. Many people assumed it as the Google’s version of Facebook. But in real, it is the Google’s version of Google. Apparently it turns out into a flop due to some flaws that it contains but Google thinks it still have some uniqueness that will strengthen the no. of users and will be fueling up the site views in the coming days.

So, on 17th November 2015, Google announced its new version of Google+ which is simpler, mobile-friendly, upgraded and advanced version than the previous one and is designed in a motive to catch more and more user attraction. It will tie the people in a strong bond those who share common interest in their life.

New features

  • In this new design, designers have focused more on the “communities” which now average 1.2 million new joins per day and “collections” which launched just five months ago and is growing even faster; said Eddie Kessler, Director of Streams at Google.
  • Collections

  • Communities and Collections are in the front and center of everything where a lot of engaging customers are found in these two areas of Google+. A user can discover a lot of amazing things only by just following or joining communities and collections. They can share their knowledge and can know the insights of all the things they love to know very easily through this. Above all, people will enjoy the community activity regardless of the community they join.

       Here it is worth-mentioning that through “community”, you can connect with other people who share your interest with the same communities you are passionate about and through “collections”, you can make your own set of collection relating to your personal interests, can post photos and videos so that other people can follow all your public collections or one of them they like.

  • Communities

  • Hangouts and photos are not coming along with this new Google+ to attract more mainstream users.
  • The new Google+ also has reshaped the “home stream”, which enables the user to post, search, connect, and keep up with great content in an easier way than the obsolete Google+.
  • This redesigned Google is now much more mobile-friendly as it is rebuilt across Android, iOS, and web applications or devices. Now users will experience a more fast and consistent Google+ across all size of devices.
  • In the past one, Google+ stream was taking a long time to load as everything was loading at a time. But this time it is faster.
  • In the earlier version, the navigation bar was on the top of the page but now it is on the left side of the page. So the interface looks much more organized and beautiful than before.
  • If you click on any of the Collections, Communities, Profile, People etc., this will land you in a separate page and the photos are loading much faster than before.
  • Local business reviews and other business information like addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation will no longer be available in this revamped Google+ but still the users can find the business reviews in Google search and Maps which is the primary way to access the business reviews.

Apart from all of these, Google+ is committed to roll out new updated apps for the Android and iOS in the coming days and now the users can toggle between the new and old Google+ to know what significant changes have been made as not every features of Google+ have not been implemented yet.

Final words

Google has prioritized user’s interest this time by keeping focus more on communities and collections.

Well, let’s see whether this struggling social networking site is returning with a bang to emerge or still weakening in the course of time.

Durga Prasad Kundu

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