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Posted On : February 22nd, 2012   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google, Social Media

It has always been amazing to watch Google experimenting with the Web with its innovative and unimaginable ways that are not only new to Google itself but have the capability to change the online marketing process or opening new avenues in search methods. With the announcement of its new concept of search version “Search Plus Your World”, Google has done its first bang in the new year. Though Google has declared that this new facility will be shortly available, but it has created a lot of speculations in internet about its would be impact on the SERP.

What exactly is Search Plus Your World?

In simple words, you may call it the integration of web search with personalized search. Now when you search anything, you not only get the personalize data from all the web pages like before but you also find the data related to the searched term that you have shared privately or publicly in social media or more specifically in Google+.

How does it help you?

This means you don’t have to search the same item twice to find out the general data and personal data. Previously if you want general idea about any topic, you simply search in the search box. If you want to get any personal idea about anything, you have to search it in social media. But with search plus your world feature, you can get all of these in a single search. All the photos, images, videos or contents you have shared in Google+ and have forgotten will be reflected automatically with public web pages. And the most amazing thing is that your personal information will appear in the first page.

Should I be concern about my privacy?

To some extent, you should have to. With search plus your world facility, now Google will give you three categories of data and these are the data from related web pages, data those are publicly shared in Google+ and private data shared with closed friends and relatives in Google+. Google will try to draw all information whether publicly shared or privately shared. So from now you have to be concern about two things. First, whether the data you are going to share may affect your personal life in future or will put you in awkward situation. Second, whether the person you are going to share with is that much of trustworthy. So whenever you are trying to share something in Google+, remember to answer these two question yourself.

But Google has assured its users that as all information in Google+ are secured by SSL encryption, and the search pages will have that level of security, there is no need to be fear.

Moreover, no two users will get the same results by searching for the same item. Though the data from the public web pages will be same for both users but personal data depend on individual. The main concern is the person with whom you have shared the content may get the data by searching the same item.

Are personalized search results a new concept?

Not at all. In fact, personalized search result, has been an integral part of many search engines for many years. The search results you generally get have largely influenced by your search history, IP address and locality. But all results are from public web pages. So the meaning of personalized search results is that the results vary from person to person.

With search plus your world, now the search results include your private contents along with public results. Anything you put in Google+ will become searchable item in Google search.

Anyway, with this new concept, deeper penetration of social media in Google’s search engine algorithm is clearly visible as speculated in last year by many internet marketers. Certainly search plus your world will change the nature of search in a great way.

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