Google My Business & Google Plus Difference

Difference Between Google My Business & Google+

Posted On : April 13th, 2018   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google

Google My Business & Google+ are two main tools of Google and many users get confused while using these two. Recently, Google released one article which elaborates some of the differences between Google My Business & Google+.

Google My Business

With Google My Business, local business owners can manage their online presence or we can say business listing on Google Maps as well as on Google Search. Google My Business is for businesses which serve customers of a particular location or a designated service area.

To use Google My Business, a webmaster needs to Sign up and verify his business which in return will help users to find his business.

With this tool, webmasters can stay connected with their customers by replying to customer reviews, posting updates, adding photos and more. This tool also allows webmasters to create and publish posts directly to their business listing. These posts will appear directly on search and Maps.

Webmasters can add their business URL by using this tool which helps users to visit the business website and explore more information about the business.


Any individual or organization can use Google+. Individuals can see and edit their Google+ Profile whereas organizations and brands need to create their Google+ Page. This tool helps to share, discover, and engage with interesting contents.

Three main components of this tool are sharing content, creating collections, and creating communities.

With Google+, posts can be shared with followers on Google+.

Collections help to find out posts that users want to see.

Communities can be used to stay connected with a group of people who share same interest.

With this tool, it’s easy for users to get custom URL for their Google+ profiles.

Some common issues

Previously, users were getting a Google+ page by default when they signed up for Google My Business which was annoying.

Google recently solved this issue. Google informed that they have removed support for Google+ pages from Google My Business accounts and any Google+ account that is not used from the past year is no longer available.

Also many users most of the time ask about whether any changes in Google+ profile will reflect in Google My Business or not.

The answer is simply no.

If you want to add or update your information then you have to do the same for your Google+ profile and again for your Google My Business account. Any changes in Google + will not reflect in Google My Business and vice versa.

For now, some changes like adding manager and changing name in Google+ will reflect in Google My Business. And from coming months, users will have to do the changes in each account separately.

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