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Unclean Website Headers Impact

Google Doesn’t Have Exceptions for Sites with Unclean Headers

Recently on Twitter, Kristine Schachinger questioned whether iframe code added in the head part of the website after the execution of Akamai tracking’s loader snippet is breaking Google Crawler. Also, Barry Adams backed this question and said, the
Google on Separate Mobile URLs

How Google Consider Sites with Separate Mobile URLs

It’s been years, we have the concept of responsive web design but still, we are seeing some sites having m dot URLs (m.) as their mobile site solution. There is no issue with this but it forces webmasters to do more hard work. Regarding this, Goog
SEO Bonus for Images

No SEO Bonus for Having Images on Same Host/Domain

There has been considerable dilemma among webmasters regarding the possible impact of images that are hosted on a CDN which is on a subdomain or separate website on maintaining links, traffic & SEO value. Recently this query was raised on Twitte
Keyword Spam in CSS

Google on Keyword Spam in CSS

Often it has been noticed that webmasters are in a dilemma about how search engines like Google consider keywords in a CSS file as id or class names. Recently Gideon on Twitter asked John Mueller about keyword spam in CSS, “is it worth cleaning up
E-Commerce Category Pages Content

Google’s View on Content of E-Commerce Websites Category Pages

In E-Commerce websites category pages, we often come across a page heading followed by product listings and then a big chunk of text at the bottom. So, is it a good practice? Obviously NO. We all know this answer as this is not a standard optimiza
Google on Crawling & Rendering Webpage

Google on Crawling & Rendering a Page Simultaneously

On various occasions, Google has claimed that crawling and rendering occurred simultaneously. However, we all know that there is considerable time taken between both these operations. On a query raised on Twitter, John Mueller of Google said that "W
Google on URL Structure Change

Google Advised Webmasters Not to Change URL Structure Unless Required

Many webmasters often believe that changing URL structures like changing sub domain path or adding area name, keywords etc. in the URL might help them to boost some rank in Google SERP. But, is it acceptable to change the URL structure of your websit
Google on Shared IP

Thump of Shared IP Addresses on Search

When multiple websites reside under one hosting, they all share the same IP address. And, we often see, webmasters think a lot about the impact of shared IP address on Google Search and even try to grab a dedicated IP address for their website. Such
Desktop & Mobile Page Speed

Which Page Speed Score Google Use : Desktop or Mobile?

As Google Speed Update is coming from July 2018, webmasters are now very much concerned about the page speed of their websites. With this update, Google will now start considering both mobile & desktop page speed. And now, we can see, webmasters
Google on JS Charts

Can Google Crawl & Understand JS Charts?

It’s a great way to represent data in a webpage in chart format because, charts provide better user experience. And, now-a-days, it’s being a trend to add charts in webpages as it makes the webpage interactive. So, as charts contain data, it wil
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