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Google On Old Domain Removal After Site Merge

Google Takes Longer To Remove Old Domain When You Merge Sites

Recently on Twitter, John Mueller of Google was asked to share his thoughts on why even after moving an old site to a new domain the old domain URLs are still showing in SERP. Also, the asked person has used the Removal Tool but still, the old URLs a
Google On URL Length

Is URL Length A Google Ranking Factor?

Proper setup of a website’s URL structure and length plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. That’s why SEOs & Webmasters always focus on maintaining good URL structure and proper URL length for their sites. But, what to do
Google On Normal Content Indexing Issue

Are You Facing Indexing Issue For Your Normal Content?

In search forums and social media platforms, we can see many webmasters complaining about Google not indexing their pages and posts. As these are normal content, these should be indexed by Google by default. But, if Google is not indexing these no
Google On Crawling Prioritization

Does Google Prioritize Crawling For US Sites?

Many webmasters and SEOs believe that Google prioritize the crawling & indexing of websites hosted in the USA as Googlebot starts from the USA. But, is it true? When asked about this, Google’s John Mueller replied that our crawlers are ve
Disavow Spammy Domain

Is It Required To Disavow A Spammy Domain Before It Links To You?

As website owners, we all want to follow good practices to get better ranking from search engines like Google. But, backlinks from spammy domains can be a hurdle. Also, there are cases where some spammy websites intimidate webmasters with bad links.
Mixed Language in URL Path

Is Mixed Language In URL Path An Issue?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) has enabled us to use domain names in local languages and scripts. Local language in URLs has helped webmasters to reach targeted local customers more effectively. But SEOs in general have a little bit skeptic
Google Mobile-First Indexing Developer Docs Update

Google has Updated its Mobile-First Indexing Developer Docs

On 22nd Jan, Google has notified that they have made some significant updates to their developers documentation on mobile-first indexing. So, webmasters should definitely check out these updates and follow them to make sure that their users have the

Google’s Advice On Image Search Ranking

Recently, Google’s John Mueller was asked by Sachin Khanna to share some useful tips on how to rank images on Google. You can check the video “Image Search Ranking” here in Google Webmasters YouTube channel. In this video, John Mueller advis
Google on Rendered Content Snapshot Time

Is There Any Fixed Wait Time By Google To Snapshot Rendered Content

In 2016, Screaming Frog twitted that according to their tests, the approximate wait time by Googlebot is 5 secs to take snapshots of rendered content. Our tests indicate Googlebot is willing to wait (approx) 5 secs for their snapshot of rendered c
Google Favors Dynamic Content Tweaking

Google Favors Dynamic Content Tweaking for Personalization

Recently on Twitter, an interesting question was asked, whether it is better to dynamically alter content on the homepage or redirect to an alternate homepage with personalized content in that for SEO friendly personalization? To answer this, John f
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Google Volatility Report