Google Explained Best SEO Practices to Business Owners

Posted On : February 13th, 2020   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : SEO Tips

In the latest episode of “Search for Beginners”, Google explained SEO to business owners. Here, Google explained the best SEO practices to business owners and advised them to stay away from black-hat SEO techniques. This video is mainly targeted to business owners who sell products through their website.

Let’s go through them in detail.

SEO Best Practices

  1. Make sure that your website contains useful information like Inventory, Selection. Pricing, Location & Hours.
  2. Create short and meaningful page titles.
  3. Use page heading that convey the subject of the page.
  4. Your About Us page must include Contact Information, Description of Business, Countries from Where You Operate, Store Location & opening Hours.
  5. For Images & Videos in your website, make sure to describe them with Alt Text tags and other attributes.
  6. Make sure to use Images to illustrate what you’re selling and describe the items using keywords.
  7. Pay attention to image accuracy, descriptive wording and relevancy of page titles.

Along with best SEO practices information, Google also suggested business owners to avoid negative methods like adding invisible text to the website to trick people and search engine algorithms.

Google said, these methods or techniques are described as black-hat SEO and should be avoided.

You can check out the video below.

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