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Google’s About Me Tool: Take Control Of Your Personal Information Shown By Google’s Services

If you are so much addicted to the Google services such as Gmail, Google drive, Google+, YouTube, Google maps, Google Hangouts and so on, then you must have deposited ample amount of your personal data to Google. So you might feel unsecured if someo
Bing Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test Tool From Bing

A good news for the webmasters from Bing; it has announced the launch of “mobile friendliness test tool” on 12th November 2015. After striving hard for approx. a year, Bing finally has come up with its own such tool. Though Webmasters were abl

Matt Cutts Hinted Using Stock Photos Would Be A Ranking Factor In Future

Matt Cutts from Google has answered a question about the effect of using stock photos in ranking yesterday. It is very clear from the video that Google doesn’t use this as a ranking factor now. But he mentioned that it will be in future and said im
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report