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Happy B'day Gmail

Gmail : 15 Years and Going Strong

Since April 1, 2004, when Google launched Gmail services, it has come a long way and now it is impossible to think about any activity without the active involvement of Gmail services. Being used by 1.5 billion people around the globe, Gmail is rising
Code Editing in Mobile Friendly & AMP Test

Google Added Code Editing Option in its Mobile Friendly & AMP Test

Recently Google has announced that it added a new feature in the Mobile Friendly test and AMP Test tools which enables users to have code editing and test options. Some good news to start your week! 📢 New feature in the Mobile Friendly and AMP Te
Suggest Best Canonical URL to Google

Suggest Google The Best Canonical URL for Your Pages

When a webpage can be reached by using more than one URL, then Google tries to find out the best URL also known as Canonical URL to display in search and to use in other ways. So, chances are there that webmasters might not be okay with the selected
Google Search Console Domain Properties

Google Launched “domain properties” in Search Console

Http, https, www, non-www; all these versions of your website might be considered as different domains by Google. That’s why earlier, Google used to ask to add & verify all these versions in Google Search Console manually and to set the preferr
Test My Site Tool

Google’s “Test My Site” Tool Upgraded

Yesterday, Google introduced two updates in its Test My Site tool, one of the most preferred & used tools by web developers. As per their statement, to provide more accurate & actionable results, the team made the changes in the tool. As per
Google SERP

No More 100 Results Per Page in Google SERP

Hello Webmasters! This morning, I saw a painful change in Google SERP. Today, randomly I searched for a query in Google and when I went to its “Search Settings” to get 100 results per page, I saw, there is no Results per page slider to slide bet
Google Video Uploading Option

Google Added Video Upload Option in Google Posts

After adding offers in Google Posts, again Google has surprised business owners by allowing them to upload videos in Google Posts. This new feature is now available for all and easy to use. To use this feature, First, have the video you want t
Google My Business & Google Plus Difference

Difference Between Google My Business & Google+

Google My Business & Google+ are two main tools of Google and many users get confused while using these two. Recently, Google released one article which elaborates some of the differences between Google My Business & Google+. Google My Busine
More Results in Google Mobile SERP

Google Is Testing “More Results” in Mobile SERP

Danny Sullivan, Google's public @searchliaison, officially confirmed the testing of “More Results” button in Google SERP. Previously, Google tested this button with limited searchers but now, Google is trying it with more people. You guys, when
Air Quality Data in Search Results

Air Quality Data Now Available in Google Search Results

Once again Google has added another new feature in its search results for its users. Now users can get an area’s air quality and pollution data from Google. Yes, you heard that right. You can test this feature of Google by searching “Air Quality
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report