Google’s About Me Tool: Take Control Of Your Personal Information Shown By Google’s Services

Posted On : November 19th, 2015   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Google, SEO News

If you are so much addicted to the Google services such as Gmail, Google drive, Google+, YouTube, Google maps, Google Hangouts and so on, then you must have deposited ample amount of your personal data to Google. So you might feel unsecured if someone tries to pry your personal info like your phone number, your date of birth, or misuse it in any sense. This concern is over now as Google has come out with a new “About Me” tool which will enable you to hold privacy of your personal info across all the services from Google.

Google's About Me Tool

Thanks to the search giant as it has merged all the user data in one place and users have the rights to change their privacy very quickly and efficiently through all the Google services without any hurdles.

If you try to see on the other way, some people might not feel comfortable through this move, if they have the habit of keeping disparate data in each service of Google.

Anyway, this is a good move from this search giant as private information will remain private after all.

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