Google Maps Offline Navigation Launched In India

Posted On : November 20th, 2015   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google

Remember the day you felt worried when you were going to an unknown place for something urgent and have kept smartphone handy to know the route but found difficulty while accessing the internet due to spotty internet connection or full null connection. Certainly a bitter feeling, isn’t it? Wanted to throw away your phone out of earth or had smitten your phone screen while rattling. Well, I can imagine that scene.

Google Maps Offline Navigation

Stop worrying now! Google has come out with a solid solution for you. You’ll not be frustrated anymore if you find areas with absolutely no internet access or spotty internet connection as you can now download the area map wherever you want to go when you have access to the internet. So that if by chance your mobile network goes out of coverage or falls under a slow connection, you can access that downloaded Google map particularly for that place and can also zoom the route. And whenever your phone gains the network coverage, again it will be switched to the live Google map mode and will have access to whole map of the earth.

But note that you can download your offline map only when you are connected with Wi-Fi. From last week, this feature started to roll out globally and now it has rolled out to India.

Undoubtedly, it will turn out to be a very essential and useful feature for the tech-savvies.

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