Whether you have a new site or a site of low ranking or even if your site is of high rank, in each case you need SEO services. But the approach and depth is different for each case. For new sites, our SEO experts plan from root level. For low rank sites, we demarcate the loopholes and provide the necessary measures where required. Even if your site belongs to top ranking, you need SEO help for maintaining that position. Your competitors keep no stone unturned to push you behind them. Losing your position means losing your targeted traffic and thereby losing your sales. So whichever category you belongs, you need the best SEO service and here Suvaance declares to provide the best SEO service unique of its kind in SEO industry.
Though our approach is client-oriented and planning depends on your need, the basic outlines are mentioned below which are self explanatory and give you the information about our service and your requirement.


A keyword is a word or a phrase that people type in the search box of any search engine. Keywords are like the foundation bricks for any site. Choosing the right keywords will define the future position of your site in SERP. Though many tools are available for keyword analysis, they only provide the general data. But deciding the suitability of any specific keyword for your site is beyond their capability. Many factors are involved in deciding the suitable keywords for your sites like choosing the most searched words means more competition or whether objective of your site is fulfilled by long-tail or short-tail keyword. In view of the importance of keyword, Suvaance has the privileged to have the most experienced keyword research experts who strive their best to explore the most suitable keywords for you that in the long run will definitely bring your site to the top page and draw maximum targeted traffic.


Whether you are in war or business, having knowledge about the planning and strategy of your competitors means half the battle won. The real market is a place where every competitor has equal probability to get customers. But remember, in internet, market is like a point where only one competitor stands at the top or like a queue in which the competitors present in front have the maximum chance to get the largest traffic. Moreover, present day customers are quality conscious and need something extra, something unique in a product or service. So before starting SEO, SEM or SMM, whatever you need, we give utmost priority to competitor analysis that provides double benefits. First, it lets you know all the strategies followed by your competitors to promote and sell their products or services. So you can compare the qualities or features of yours with them and thereby making necessary changes you have the privilege to offer unique products. Second, Suvaance has developed a completely unique competitor analysis approach which is equipped with different methods and procedures like reverse engineering, statistical data collection and analysis etc., that summarizes all the data and information regarding the optimization methods followed by your competitors for top ranking. Hence, we can prepare a better optimization planning rather than starting from the basics. So a perfect competitor analysis is a must for you not only for finding your competitors but also for your survival and growth.


The steps taken to optimize the different aspects like title of the page, all meta tags, internal link structure, content, keyword density, design and structure etc., is collectively known as on-page optimization. Many SEO experts give low importance to on-page optimization and prefer off-page optimization to it. But we give equal value to it as it serves the commercial purpose of your site. Off-page optimization draws traffic to your site whereas on-page optimization retains those traffic and has the ability to increase your conversion ratio. Your site may be on the top page right in the middle of the users’ view but only a properly optimized title tag and meta description tag can compel the users to left click your link. If your site is properly on-page optimized, then it has easily be crawled, navigated and indexed by the search engine spiders. As quality of your page is enhanced by this technique, so it ensures the conversion of the visitors to become your regular members. And this is the prime marketing strategy whatever field you are in.


All promotional activities carried outside of your site are known as off-page optimization. The central purpose is to build inbound links to your desired landing pages. The different ways adopted for off-page optimization are blog commenting, forum posting, profile linking, article submission, bookmarking, link exchange, press releases, search engine marketing, social media marketing and many other methods. The basic purpose is to draw maximum traffic and increase your ranking. Before the arrival of Google, off-page optimization didn’t carry any commercial importance. But Google changed the whole scenario by putting more stress on linking factors in its algorithm and thereby expanded the horizon of SEO activities and forced the SEO industry to give more importance to off-page optimization. Linking is the basic theme of World Wide Web. So more links mean more popularity and higher ranking. There are so many tools and software for automated link building within no time. But search engines love natural link building and for any automation may de-index your site from their search result permanently and that will cease your entire market dream forever. Here at Suvaance, we provide the safest way of link building that seems so natural to search engines that there is no fear of de-indexing. The other factors our SEO experts giving prime importance are relevancy, domain authority and page authority of the targeted blogs and forums that will certainly increase your PR.

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