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Local SEO Service By SUVAANCE For Location Specific Business


What Is Local SEO Service?

Local SEO means to bring your site to the top page of any SERP for any local search query, appearance of your site in local search engine page like Google+, Yahoo! Local or Bing Maps. Also sometimes your site name may appear as a reference from local business directories like Yelp or Yellow page etc. Local SEO strategy is completely different than normal SEO process. It targets the local search trends for products and services resulting in increasing your conversion rate.

Who It Is For?

Local SEO is a must for any SMB who provides local service or sells products to customers of a particular place or city. More specifically, if your business is confined to a specific place & you want growth through online promotion of your business, then local SEO service is the only way to enhance your online presence that leads to more traffic flow to your site.

Why You Need This?

The present success in any business depends on how you reach to your perspective customers. As different studies show that more & more people generally search their requirements in internet, whether in their PCs or in smartphones or iPads, that means the basic need for any business is to enhance their site visibility in the top pages of SERP for related keywords. And when we talk about local market, then almost all visitors want different information like complete address, location map of of the business, reviews on the products or services etc. Local SEO service helps you to optimize these fields so that you will be in the top for search queries. The best word that can represent the outcome of local SEO service is “local branding”.

Even Google & other search engines are now providing more local results for local keywords as the basic intention behind such search queries is that people search for availability of that service or products in their locality.