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Do you know that more than 70% of search market is dominated by Google? What does it mean to any business that wants to reach its customers in web? The only logical expression is to avoid Google is suicidal. You might hear that many business gurus advise not to depend on Google or Google is not the only solution for your business. Okay. If you want to avoid the World Wide Web, then Google is not an element to think about. And that means you are welcome to the early twentieth century marketing zone. But again you are going to lose a huge amount of customers. If you want to be in web, you can’t exist without Google.

What is the significance of ranking in Google?

Whatever business you are in, most of your customers search the desired products or services in Google using certain keywords related to these. And if your site gets rank in first page of Google for these keywords, a huge portion of the traffic will visit your site & there is every possibility that they may turn into your real customers. Your sell will be increased, your profits will be skyrocketed and you will get cumulative effect of this as once the visitors get satisfaction from your product or service, they will refer others, share the experience in other social platforms or forums. Hurray, you are in the seventh heaven! So, once you get higher rank in Google, you are definitely going to get multiple benefits and experience exponential business growth.

Are you ready to experience the real test?

Then, welcome to SUVAANCE. We assure you full satisfaction with our up-to-date marketing strategy built in parallel with Google’s guidelines. We have dedicated SEO analysts with years of experience who will study your status and create a blueprint for sure success in unexpected time frame. Are you thinking about periodical bombs like Panda, Penguin from Google that may affect you? Never be worried. Till date, not a single client of ours has ever got a penalty from Google. We follow the Google guidelines like a good doctor’s prescription. You have two choices. Either go with it and get the result or try to modify it and be ready for a side effect (here it means penalty). Here at SUVAANCE, analyzing Google is a continuous process so that we can sense the change and redesign our strategy accordingly so that your optimization process will be the most up-to-date one in the industry and you will be ahead of your competitors always.


Improve Google ranking & get into the first page of Google, even get to the top of Google through us. you can get unbelievable rank within the very first month.