How To Find Your Web Story In Google Search?

By: Diptimayee Mohanty

Google has started giving importance to web stories.

Google has launched a tool to test & validate web stories.

Google has also created one WordPress plug-in for Users to create web stories.

Google has already informed that Web Stories will be available in Google search results in addition to : Image Search Google Discover &  Google App

But, are you getting any web story on Google search results?

I digged but couldn’t find any help.

My interest was to find a way to extract web stories for a search.

Recently I found that web stories can be viewed in Google search results with a simple URL extension /static/gs .

So you can get all web stories indexed by Google yet through a simple search using Google “site:” operator static/gs

And if you want to search for the web story of a specific entity ( for ex- Sundar Pichai), you can search like static/gs sundar pichai

At the end of any web story, you can find section like “people also view” or “Featured Stories”.