By: Dillip Kumar Mohanty

#1 Grow your business listings on the web.

Number doesn’t matter. Maintain consistency, attend reviews and go for quality ones.

#2 Negative reviews affect your local ranking.

Not true. But attend these honestly.

#3 You need a website to be in the local pack.

Businesses without websites keep coming up in the local pack.

#4 Build as many location pages for better local ranking.

Its impact is limited. Rather it may affect negatively if not done creatively.

#5 High page speed score ensures top ranking.

Pages with average page speed score but high quality content rank better.

#6 You should optimize your website for ‘near me’ related keywords.

You can’t do much about it. Add more local signals in a natural way.

#7 Multi-location businesses should create websites for each location.

More numbers of websites require multi-fold effort. Think twice.

#8 Google Posts help improve your local ranking.

There is no correlation here. But informative posts help you to develop your brand visibility.