Google on Crawling & Rendering Webpage
Technical SEO

Google on Crawling & Rendering a Page Simultaneously

On various occasions, Google has claimed that crawling and rendering occurred simultaneously. However, we all know that there is considerable time taken between both these operations. On a query raised on Twitter, John Mueller of Google said that "W
Google Service Area Features Improved
Google My Business

Google Improved Service Area Features in Google My Business

On 02nd Nov, Google’s Community Manager, Kara Jancourtz announced that they are making improvements to provide better support for service area of business. Previously, in GMB, both store front & service area businesses had only a single field
Gary on Panda, Penguin & Medic Update
Google Algorithm

Gary Illyes on Panda, Penguin, and Medic Update at Search Masters Brazil Event

Recently, Google’s Gary Illyes at Search Masters Brazil Event has clarified few facts about Google Panda, Penguin and recent Medic update. Gary at Search Masters Brazil event while answering to Pedro Dias about Google Panda and Penguin algorithm s
Google Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice
SEO News

Google Introduced Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice

Today, we have found one helpful Google feature for webmasters. And this feature is “Site Migration Gone Wrong” notice. When we migrate our website from http to https, we have few important things to do like Performing proper 301 redirections
Google on URL Structure Change
Technical SEO

Google Advised Webmasters Not to Change URL Structure Unless Required

Many webmasters often believe that changing URL structures like changing sub domain path or adding area name, keywords etc. in the URL might help them to boost some rank in Google SERP. But, is it acceptable to change the URL structure of your websit
Google Medic Update is Global
Google Algorithm Update, SEO News

Google’s August Core Algorithm Update A.K.A Medic Update Is Global

Google on 1st August has launched one search algorithm update. And after the complete rollout of this update, the SEO industry experts have come to a conclusion that this update has impacted the medical and health sector the most and named it as Medi
Location Score for Hotels
Local SEO

Google Introduced Location Score for Hotels

Recently, Google has added a location tab for hotel search in its local knowledge panel. Google has added this tab to provide the location score of a hotel to users who search hotels in that location. This location score ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 be
Google Knowledge Panel Verification
SEO News

Google Introduced Knowledge Panel Verification Process

Google on last Friday announced that individuals or organizations with knowledge panel in Google search can now use Google’s verification process to claim their knowledge panels. This verification process is not limited to certain individuals or e
Google SERP

No More 100 Results Per Page in Google SERP

Hello Webmasters! This morning, I saw a painful change in Google SERP. Today, randomly I searched for a query in Google and when I went to its “Search Settings” to get 100 results per page, I saw, there is no Results per page slider to slide bet
Google on Shared IP
Technical SEO

Thump of Shared IP Addresses on Search

When multiple websites reside under one hosting, they all share the same IP address. And, we often see, webmasters think a lot about the impact of shared IP address on Google Search and even try to grab a dedicated IP address for their website. Such