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How to Tackle While Reversing a Site Move?

Posted On: April 20th, 2018    Posted By: Diptimayee Mohanty  To  Technical SEO

Reversing Website Move

Moving from one domain to another or changing the website’s URL structure is always tricky and need a bunch of sensible works to be done like proper redirections, changing internal links, updating sitemaps etc. to get everything right.

But, site move gets more complicated when we have to move back to the old site or we can say want to reverse a site move.

Google’s John Mueller in a recent hangout addressed this issue and said, such changes might be tricky from Google’s end also. John has recommended webmasters to perform a redirection back to the old domain. Along with redirection, webmasters also need to move back their external links, internal links, sitemaps, canonicals etc. to the previous version.

One crucial change that webmasters need to perform while reversing a site move is to remove the redirection done previously from the old domain to the new domain. Forgetting to remove this can cause a redirection loop.

John also said, sometimes this change works fairly well and sometimes gets a bit tricky depending on how long the old site has been redirecting to the other site and asked webmasters to have patience for everything to settle down properly.

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