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Robotted Out Pages In SERP
Technical SEO

What To Do If Robotted Out Pages Rank In SERP?

Webmasters use robots.txt file to inform web robots about which pages not to crawl. But, if the robotted out pages of a website rank instead of pages having content in it, then what webmasters should do? Recently on Twitter, Google’s John Mueller
Code Editing in Mobile Friendly & AMP Test

Google Added Code Editing Option in its Mobile Friendly & AMP Test

Recently Google has announced that it added a new feature in the Mobile Friendly test and AMP Test tools which enables users to have code editing and test options. Some good news to start your week! 📢 New feature in the Mobile Friendly and AMP Te
Responsive Design & Mobile URLs
Technical SEO

Google Suggests Not to Use Both Responsive Design & Mobile URLs

Recently, Google’s John Mueller on Twitter was asked about which one Google will consider first if a website has both mobile URLs and responsive design. Why would you have alternate mobile pages and a responsive design? — 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu
Keyword Spam in CSS
Technical SEO

Google on Keyword Spam in CSS

Often it has been noticed that webmasters are in a dilemma about how search engines like Google consider keywords in a CSS file as id or class names. Recently Gideon on Twitter asked John Mueller about keyword spam in CSS, “is it worth cleaning up
Google Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice
SEO News

Google Introduced Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice

Today, we have found one helpful Google feature for webmasters. And this feature is “Site Migration Gone Wrong” notice. When we migrate our website from http to https, we have few important things to do like Performing proper 301 redirections
Google SERP

No More 100 Results Per Page in Google SERP

Hello Webmasters! This morning, I saw a painful change in Google SERP. Today, randomly I searched for a query in Google and when I went to its “Search Settings” to get 100 results per page, I saw, there is no Results per page slider to slide bet
Google on Shared IP
Technical SEO

Thump of Shared IP Addresses on Search

When multiple websites reside under one hosting, they all share the same IP address. And, we often see, webmasters think a lot about the impact of shared IP address on Google Search and even try to grab a dedicated IP address for their website. Such
Desktop & Mobile Page Speed
Technical SEO

Which Page Speed Score Google Use : Desktop or Mobile?

As Google Speed Update is coming from July 2018, webmasters are now very much concerned about the page speed of their websites. With this update, Google will now start considering both mobile & desktop page speed. And now, we can see, webmasters
Google on JS Charts
Technical SEO

Can Google Crawl & Understand JS Charts?

It’s a great way to represent data in a webpage in chart format because, charts provide better user experience. And, now-a-days, it’s being a trend to add charts in webpages as it makes the webpage interactive. So, as charts contain data, it wil
Moving to Https Benefits
Technical SEO

Does Moving to HTTPS Provide Industry Specific Benefits?

Moving a website to https has some major benefits and Google in August 2014 also declared that it is considering Https as a ranking signal. But recently, Google’s John Mueller was asked an interesting question, whether moving to https is a flat ra