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On 09th April 2010, Google has added site speed as ranking a signal in its search algorithm. For better user experience, Google has added this signal in its search algorithm. And in 04th February 2014, Google was granted a patent “Using resource load times in ranking search results” which was covered

It’s again Navneet Panda, the key person behind Google Panda Algorithm! Panda algorithm is completely related to on-site issues & most specifically quality of content. But this time, it is website duration performance based on category durations. User behaviour like click through rate, bounce

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

How Google Detects New Local Businesses

Posted On: January 29th, 2016    By: Dillip Kumar Mohanty  To  Google Patents

Different studies on local search have indicated that local searches have higher probability to convert into an action like purchase or availing services etc. So, when it comes to local search, one thing is clear; users are more serious and they need authentic data. That’s why Google has been improving

Navneet Panda, the Google Engineer, is behind Google Panda algorithm that aims at refining search results by removing low quality & thin contents. Recently he was behind another patent filed by Google named “Dynamic Search Results” which was published on 18th June 2015 that aims at providing

According to Search Metrics ranking factors, weightage of social signal is increasing every year. After the evolvement of Google+ in 28th June 2011 & the recent deal between Google & Twitter which would allow Google to access Twitter’s Firehose data stream; it sends a very clear signal that

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