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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Use a White PNG Logo

Before making a website, we think about many things and one of the major concerns is “Brand Logo”. Brand logo represents the core value, purpose of our business and we tend to think a lot about its design, colors etc. But have you ever thought ab
Redesigned Google+

Google Redesigned Google+

Four years ago, Google launched its ambitious social network site Google+ for the crazy supernerds to make their online life livelier than ever, where users can feel the same what they feel in real life. Many people assumed it as the Google’s versi
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Limit Login Attempts: The WordPress Plugin To Save You From Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack: The Most Common Way of Hacking Brute force attack is one of the most favorite ways of hacking by hackers worldwide. It simply refers to hacking the login details through automated software. With this hackers can have a comb
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